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VIPP Welcomes our Summer School Students

Published: Wednesday, 19 Jul 2017
Author: VIPP
Department: Visiting International Professional Program

VIPP welcomes international students to our 2017 Global Summer School Programs! This summer, VIPP hosts three programs at MSU: Global Enterprise Design, Transportation Engineering, and American Culture and Society. The Global Enterprise Design and Transportation Engineering classes have already begun and our students have been engaged in vigorous academic studies and fun class activities.

Following is a quick snapshot of our summer school:

Painting the Rock at MSU is a classic event for our students joining the MSU student tradition.

Dr. Michael Rip, the founder of MindLeap and a professor at Michigan State University, gave an insightful lecture that introduced students to the concept of critical thinking, its benefits, and strategies to develop a critical mind. Students learned the importance of critical thinking in fast-paced workplaces. We prepare our students ahead of game! 

Our students recently took a trip to Ann Arbor to tour the University of Michigan campus. The students definitely think that our MSU campus is better! 

The Global Enterprise Design Program has a special agreement with HELLA Electronics Corporation in Plymouth, Michigan. HELLA, originally from Germany, is a global corporation that develops and manufactures lighting technology and electronic products for the automotive industry. Our students visited the company and interviewed employees on how HELLA ensures female advancement in the workplace.

VIPP takes pride in giving our international students an opportunity to expand their studies and gain invaluable American experiences through our summer school programs. We are excited to help our students learn and grow as the rest of the semester unfolds.

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