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By attending our program, you can enjoy a privilege of living a Spartan life. MSU is a very big university; it is almost like a small city in and of itself. There is a lot to enjoy and be proud of. It's good to be a Spartan. 



We want you to leverage MSU's wealth of resources more efficiently! MSU offers over 200 study programs of undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees from accounting to zoology. That means there are always a lot of academic events taking place at campus, including public lectures, speeches, seminars, and workshops on virtually any field. Many public lectures feature world-renowned scholars from around the world. Being at MSU's campus guarantees your access to the world scholarship.

We strongly suggest you visit the college or department of your interest and follow their communications by joining their mailing list, etc. That way, you will receive information about many events they offer.   

Or you can visit the MSU Events Calendar for the latest news and updates on events and activities happening on-campus to take advantage of our resources. 

MSU Student ID

Once you are accepted to our program you will receive a MSU Student ID. There are a lot of perks being a Spartan. Your Student ID will help you save money on events  and activities happening around campus. MSU offers hundreds of performances, exhibitions, academic lectures, and special programs each year. As a fellow Spartan, you have access to all of these things with your MSU Student ID.

Make sure you're getting all the perks. Use your MSU ID to:

  • Attend movies for free at Campus Cinema Centers 
  • Watch shows and concerts at a discounted price at Wharton Center 
  • Purchase student dining plan and enjoy healthy meals at MSU cafeterias  
  • Receive discounts at any MSU intramural sports location 
  • Receive discounts for MSU sports games 


For details, visit our blog post about it.

You can also browse to discover events that MSU offers in the arts and culture. 



At MSU, there is entertainment for everyone! Below is a list of some of the fun things to do while you're here at MSU.

  • Broad Art Museum: expressly dedicated to exploring contemporary culture and ideas through the probing gaze of international artists, the Broad Art Museum at MSU is a place where artists’ ideas, words, and actions create a vibrant center for questioning and understanding the world.
  • Wharton Center for Performing Arts: It is the home of the Lansing Symphony Orchestra, which performs 17 concerts annually. The Wharton Center hosts many additional productions throughout the year, such as Broadway musicals, and concerts by local, national, and international artists.
  • Breslin Student Events Center: state-of-the-art arena hosts special events such as concerts, commencements, ice shows, sporting events, banquets, conventions, and trade shows.
  • MSU Museum: offers anthropological, biological, folklife, geological, and historical exhibits and programs. 
  • Abrams Planetarium: houses a Digistar 5 computer graphics planetarium projector and a 150-seat Sky Theater.
  • Horticulture Gardens: six distinct gardens over 7.5 acres provide a living laboratory where plants and people grow together. 

For more events coming soon make sure to visit for more information. Here, you can find upcoming performances, speaker series, or art exhibits happening at MSU. 



Do you enjoy sports? Athletics are a huge part of MSU; 25 varsity squads, 12 intercollegiate sports for men and 13 intercollegiate sports for women. The men's basketball team has made 19 straight NCAA appearances, including nine Final Four appearances. In 2011, the Spartan football team won the Rose Bowl, the biggest championship of the year. If you're interested in cheering on our Spartans visit for information, schedules, and purchasing tickets. 

Perhaps you enjoy sports, but you wish to participate, MSU also boasts one of the largest intramural sports programs in the nation. Recreational Sports and Fitness Services offers students, faculty and staff the opportunity to participate in many Intramural Sports and activities on a competitive and recreational level. All skill levels are welcome. There are over ten team sports with many special events and tournaments offered each year. All you need is your MSU ID Card and a registered team to participate. 

Below is a list of some of the sports and amenities offered at our intramural (IM) locations:

  • Ice Hockey
  • Indoor Volleyball
  • Spartyball
  • Softball
  • Golf
  • Basketball
  • Inner Tube Waterpolo
  • Soccer
  • Walleyball
  • Recreational Swimming
  • Group Exercise Classes
  • Weightlifting

For building hours, events, sports schedules, and IM locations visit for more information.



As a Spartan, there are values and responsibilities that go with it. Our three core values serve as pillars for our institution. 

Qualitymeans that we shun complacency and continually strive to be among the best in all we do and to be the best in key areas.

Inclusivenessstems from our commitment to quality and must be at the core of the MSU experience. Inclusion is not limited to ensuring various constituencies are accounted for, but rather is an overarching philosophy that starts with a belief in the value of varying perspectives and a promise of mutual respect. 

Connectivitylook for ways to organically build connections so that each part of our institution can enhance and benefit from the others. 



Michigan State University has over 700 Registered Student Organizations (RSO); there is something for everyone here at State! RSOs cover a wide range of topics and interest areas, including but not limited to: academic, business, environmental, international, political, racial/ethnic, religious, women’s interests, and sports and leisure.

Surround yourself with people who share same interests and goals with you. Being part of a group can help you succeed; share accountability, receive emotional support, and promote synergy as you work together.

To learn how to join MSU student groups check out

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