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VIPP History


Founded in 1991, VIPP has trained over 4,000 professionals from 30 countries including South Korea, China, Japan, Mongolia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Russia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Turkey, and many others. 


VIPP is the brainchild of Dr. Gill-Chin Lim, the former Dean of International Studies and Programs at MSU. Dr. Lim recognized the need for professionals from around the world to have access to MSU's diverse educational resources. To fill that need, Dr. Lim developed VIPP as a non-degree professional education program.

Dr. Dae-Bong Kwon served as the first Director of VIPP from 1991 until the summer of 1993. Under the leadership of Lim and Kwon, VIPP enjoyed its initial success and began its journey to becoming a world leader in executive education and international professional development.

Since the first group of eight participants, VIPP has expanded to include distinct long-term programs with more than 200 participants each year, as well as tailor-made short term executive workshops on various topics. VIPP has a network of over 4,000 alumni in more than 30 countries. Our alumni are leaders of their professions and work hard every day to make their workplaces and their communities better.