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Checking In

OISS Check-In 

After your arrival, you should complete the government check-in process at OISS (Office of International Students and Scholars), located in Room 105 at the International Center. Make sure to bring your DS2019 and passport. To expedite this process, you should update your domestic and international addresses, as well as emergency contact information at  prior to OISS check-in. If this government check-in is not completed within 28 days of the program start date written on your DS 2019 form, the SEVIS record will indicate "No Show" and you will not be in valid visa status.

You must also attend OISS J-1 Scholar Orientation, which take place every Thursday at 10 am in Room 105, International Center. When you check-in, the reception staff at OISS will schedule you for the J-1 Scholar Orientation. 

Important OISS Documents

OISS (Office for International Students and Scholars) provides support to Michigan State University’s international students, scholars and families. Their services include advising on compliance with U.S. immigration regulations and conducting orientations and other programming that help international students and scholars adjust to the academic, cultural and social life of MSU. The following documents illustrate the important immigration information, regulations and compliance that VIPP participants should know.    


VIPP Orientation

Each semester VIPP offers orientation to newly arriving participants and provides essential information related to academic and cultural life.

Safety and Security

We take your and your family's safety and security seriously. We encourage you to sign up for MSU Alert in order to receive quick and easy notification in the event of an emergency at campus. Sign up at