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Managing your MSU Student account

Once you are admitted to our program, we will activate your MSU student account prior to your arrival in the U.S. Our program coordinator will send you your MSU net ID and temporary password information. Then you should login to to change your password, update your current US domestic address (if already known) and your emergency contact information.

Follow instructions below: 

1. Click "Other" tab on the upper right corner. 

2. Click "Addresses" 

3. Update "Current Address (the address at which you reside while in attendance at MSU)"

4. Below your Student Number and Name, you will see this phrase

You may update your emergency contact information in the Emergency Contact System. 

5. Click "Emergency Contact System" 

6. Update contact information 

7. For domestic emergency contact, you may use your program coordinator's contact information if you don't know anyone locally. For international, make sure to include your immediate family member or close friend that should be contacted in the case of emergency. 

8. Change the password. Make sure you regularly check your student account to see if there is any hold or charges.