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Obtaining your MSU ID

After OISS check-in, you go to the MSU ID Office to get your MSU student ID. There are lots of benefits this card will give to you. 

Your ID Benefits

Once you are accepted to our program you will receive a MSU Student ID. There are a lot of perks being a Spartan. Your Student ID will help you save money on events  and activities happening around campus. MSU offers hundreds of performances, exhibitions, academic lectures, and special programs each year. As a fellow Spartan, you have access to all of these things with your MSU Student ID.

Make sure you're getting all the perks. Use your MSU ID to:

  • Attend movies for free at Campus Cinema Centers 
  • Watch shows and concerts at a discounted price at Wharton Center 
  • Purchase student dining plan and enjoy healthy meals at MSU cafeterias  
  • Receive discounts at any MSU intramural sports location 
  • Receive discounts for MSU sports games 

For details, visit our blog post about it.

You can also browse to discover events that MSU offers in the arts and culture.