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Culture Events & Field Trips

tailgate side-by-side.jpgVIPP believes learning should be fun! We offer many cultural events to participants where they can learn more about American cultures and lifestyles simply by having fun.

ski trip side-by-side.jpgOur year-round cultural events are also family-friendly: all VIPP participants and their families are welcome to join and make friends. Our cultural events include cross-country skiing, a maple syrup festival, Thanksgiving potluck, and football tailgating.


vipp_participants_with_tom_izzo.jpgchicago_1.jpgLocal field trips are often organized by either VIPP instructors or VIPP staff for hands-on learning and socializing.

Destinations include the MSU facilities that may not be accessible otherwise, including the Michigan Capital, Michigan Supreme Court Learning Center, Michigan Historical Museum, Library of Michigan, Fenner Nature Center, and local K-12 schools.

VIPP is always working to develop exciting field trips that will take participants to popular destinations in Michigan and in the U.S. for cultural and historical learning. Additional charges may apply.