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Departing from MSU


We hope you enjoyed your time with VIPP! Below are a few things to take care of before departing from MSU.

Departure Notice with OISS

When you are ready to leave MSU and your program is close to being finished, you must complete a Departure Form for OISS. OISS is required to report your program end date to the federal government. This could be the end date on your DS-2019 or it could be a prior date if you complete your program early. 

If you have J-2 dependents, and if you and your dependents will be departing separately, you must also submit a J-2 Notice of Departure form. Failure to submit the form prior to your departure may create difficulties when applying for future U.S. visas.

Checking MSU Student Account

Before you depart, make sure to login to your MSU student account to pay any remaining balances. 

Spartan Village Move Out

Spartan Village Early Move Out Procedures/Policies

It is important to follow this procedure if you move out from SV early before your original signed lease terminates.

Notice of Intent to Vacate Form – should be returned to the Spartan Village Leasing Office at your earliest convenience.  This form is due 45 days prior to move out. This form is available from SV Leasing Office. Please make sure that you provide the accurate address so that you can receive the refund check after leaving SV.

If you are leaving before the end of your lease, you will need to include a letter from their department (on MSU Letterhead) that verifies the end of your association with MSU (graduation, program end, termination, or transfer).

We ask for a letter from you if you are leaving prior to the end of your lease.  This letter releases you from your lease.  

Payment is expected by the first of the month for the entire month, there is a $25 late fee after the 1st of the month.

When the key for the apartment is returned the rent is prorated and the appropriate credit is added to the account.  The following month a refund check will be sent to the forwarding address on file.

Move Out Procedures – this documentation explains the move out process and how to prepare you apartment for departure. Please read it carefully at