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Global Executive Workshop

Our Specialty Areas


VIPP welcomes opportunities to work with government agencies, educational institutions, companies, NGOs, and foundations on customized intensive group training. Our Global Executive Workshop (GEW), ranging from three days to six weeks, offers a combination of lectures, professional meetings, on-site visits, and cultural excursions. Each GEW is unique in terms of its scope, format, length, and location. VIPP, in collaboration with MSU colleges and offices, can fulfill dynamic training needs within the organization’s budget constraint.



Our most recent GEWs included both public and private organizations from South Korea, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. Our curriculum spans various fields including Higher Education Leadership, Teachers Training, Law, Organization Change and Innovation, e-Government and ICT (Information, Communication & Technology), Senior Executive Compensation, Transportation Finance, Urban Planning & Sustainability, Journalism, Sustainable Tourism, Forestry Health and Management, Biodiversity, Genetic Seed Breeding, and Agricultural Emergency and Risk Management.

The training programs primarily take place at MSU's campus in East Lansing, Michigan. However, to fulfil training needs and enrich participants experience, other locations are often included in the program. The following U.S. and Canada cities were involved in our GEW in the past: Detroit, Chicago, New York City, Washington DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Quebec City. Participants meet with professionals in multinational corporations, city and federal government agencies, and relevant organizations in their fields.

Our workshops are fully customized and we provide 360-degree service from program development to logistics support including transportation and lodging.

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Law, Government, and Media


Located directly adjacent to Michigan’s capital city of Lansing, Michigan State University provides excellent opportunities to explore and engage in themes of law, media, and society on all levels—local, state, and federal. VIPP regularly hosts legal professionals, media professionals, government officials, civil servants, and NGO personnel who want to upgrade their capabilities. We offer workshops that focus on various U.S. and international laws and regulations; political system and policy; civic engagement and NGO management; digital media and investigative journalism, and many more. Programs feature intensive training with lectures, case studies, and meetings with local government officials and media professionals. Participants will also visit law firms and courts, digital publishers and TV stations, and other relevant partner locations. VIPP will connect you with innovative solutions to unique challenges by exposing you to best practices and new approaches taking place across Michigan and the United States.

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Environment, Energy, and Sustainability


Michigan State University is known for its dedication to sustainability and environmental management, including water, air, soil and forest management, making it an exceptional place for industry professionals to advance their skills and expertise in sustainability. Michigan’s abundant natural resources and diverse geography make it a prime location to study the consequences and incentives of environmental sustainability, particularly for water and energy organization. Workshops typically feature lectures with local industry leaders, hands-on training, visits to relevant facilities, and cultural excursions. Professionals will complete their program with a more thorough understanding of the current context of environmental and energy policies as well as relevant new technologies and strong links to global sustainability innovation.

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Food, Nutrition, and Agriculture


For professionals in the food, nutrition, and agriculture industries, VIPP offers customized workshops focused on intensive education and skill refinement. Michigan State University is known around the world as a premier agricultural research institution, from managing its own livestock farms to finding new ways to live and grow sustainably—it’s the perfect school to expand your expertise. Combining lectures, hands-on training, on-site visits, professional meetings, and cultural excursions, VIPP workshops expose participants to cutting-edge innovation in food production, science, and management. We introduce you to unique approaches, techniques, and connect you with industry leaders to facilitate long-lasting professional connections.

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Leadership, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship


In this rapidly changing and highly competitive world, innovative thinking and entrepreneurial mindsets are survival skills for all current and emerging leaders. Home to the Eli Broad College of Business, Michigan State University is the school of choice for professionals who want to stay ahead of the game. MSU is globally recognized for its excellence in innovation, market research, supply chain management, and business and social entrepreneurship. Over the years, we have helped higher education institutions, government agencies, and businesses of all sizes to realize and reach their full potential.  VIPP will expose you to the most successful prospects, practices, and ideas in organization management, commerce, and intercultural leadership. We will provide you a chance to develop the most advanced skills and techniques in leading organizational change and create long-lasting connections with industry leaders.

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Health and Medicine


Michigan State University is a prime destination for professionals in the healthcare and medical industries. Our workshops involve training in real and simulated environments for maximum skill refinement, as well as lectures, on-site visits, professional meetings, and cultural excursions. Leading health experts on campus and our connections to medical facilities in Michigan and other U.S. States make VIPP the premier partner for all your programming needs. Available to any health care and medical professionals, from first responders to nurse practitioners, surgeons, and pharmacists, VIPP will initiate your experiences with the latest in medical practice, methodology, and technology, and provide the opportunity to create long-lasting relationships within the U.S. health industry.

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Education and Professional Development


If you are an education professional, VIPP’s tailored workshops will provide a chance to explore American and global education at every level. MSU is the premier institution for education innovation. From across the globe, education professionals come to MSU to connect with faculty as well as leaders in local schools and relevant government offices to observe first-hand the policymaking process and application of changes in education. Workshops will also feature lectures with education experts, opportunities to engage with fellow professionals, and other relevant site visits. Push your expertise in pedagogy as we introduce you to educational innovation ideas, modern theories, and novel methodologies that are transforming the field.

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Past Workshop Topics


  • Arts, Culture, and Tourism
  • Leadership and Management
  • E-Government and ICT (Information and Communications Technology)
  • Organizational Leadership and Innovation 
  • Social Service
  • Government Performance Management
  • Urban Safety and Disaster Management
  • Urban Planning & Sustainability
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Higher Education Administration
  • University Faculty Training 
  • K-12 Education


  • Media, Journalism
  • Online Teaching and Learning 
  • Science Education
  • English Teacher Training
  • TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages)
  • Law
  • Human Resources and Labor Relations
  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Forest Management and Protection 
  • Bio-Resources and Restoration 
  • Food Science, Food Safety 
  • Packaging
  • IPO (Initial Public Offering)