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Program Overview

VIPP understands that each professional has different career goals, needs, and expectations. To be a successful professional of any field in today’s multi-cultural, highly-connected world, it is important to have broad knowledge across disciplines, the enthusiasm to acquire new knowledge fast, the ability to communicate ideas and solutions, empathy for other perspectives, and the qualities to integrate and lead.

VIPP designs and delivers a range of non-degree certificate programs with distinctive features. Regardless of your program choice, we aim to help you significantly achieve the following four cross-disciplinary  skills: professional competence, communication skills, leadership skills, and global and multicultural awareness. Our curriculum includes VIPP courses, specialized lectures, seminars, independent studies, field trips, and a variety of cultural events and activities. 

car carriage side-by-side.jpgGlobal Professional Education Program (GPEP)

The GPEP is best suited to early or mid-career level professionals in any field who want to elevate their performance. Participants may take VIPP classes, special lectures and seminars, conduct independent research, and participate in many cultural events that VIPP offers. VIPP's signature courses include Communication Skills, Business English, Public Speaking, American Culture and Society, Innovation and Leadership, and Organizational Development. 

sidebyside_professional-lecture.jpgSpecialized Global Professional Education Program (SGPEP)

SGPEP provides a more personalized and intensive educational service and training program. It is best suited for business professionals, public officials, or any individual or group whose training is fully or partially supported by external sponsors. We provide tailored programs based on sponsor agency's specific training goals and desired learning outcomes. 

sidebyside_eastlansing.jpgGlobal Professional Research Program (GPRP)

The GPRP is best suited for well-established academics and professionals who want to be a visiting scholar to MSU departments. Admission to this program is subject to an agreement with the MSU academic unit hosting the participant. We can connect you to MSU experts in your field, process a visa, and provide settlement service. 

sidebyside_lecture.jpgGlobal Young Professional Program (GYPP)

The GYPP serves as a bridge program for young professionals before applying or transferring to graduate or professional degree programs at MSU or elsewhere. GYPP offers various levels of English language training and a customized academic program in conjunction with academic units on campus.

sidebyside_campus-flowers.jpgGlobal Summer School

The Global Summer School Program is perfect for current college students who'd like to experience American college education during the summer. The program offers general English courses, leadership development, career counseling, field trips, and fun cultural events. Participants live in the MSU student residence halls (dormitories).

sidebyside_students.jpgGlobal Executive Workshop (GEW)

The GEW is an customized, intensive group training program for groups who want a shorter, more focused program. Ranging from three days to six weeks, GEW offers a combination of lectures, professional meetings, on-site visits, and cultural excursions. The scope, length and location of programs depend on participants' needs.

sidebyside_students.jpgFederal Programs

VIPP proudly supports MSU colleges and departments in the administration of federal programs. We play various roles in these competitive programs, providing proposal design services, facilitation and planning, and logistical support.