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VIPP understands that each professional has different career goals, needs, and expectations. To be a successful professional of any field in today’s multi-cultural, highly-connected world, it is important to have broad knowledge across disciplines, the enthusiasm to acquire new knowledge fast, the ability to communicate ideas and solutions, empathy for other perspectives, and the qualities to integrate and lead.

VIPP designs and delivers a range of non-degree certificate programs with distinctive features. Regardless of your program choice, we aim to help you significantly achieve the following four cross-disciplinary skills: professional competence, communication skills, leadership skills, and global and multicultural awareness. Our curriculum includes VIPP courses, specialized lectures, seminars, independent studies, field trips, and a variety of cultural events and activities. 

A group of students stand in the mock courtroom of the Michigan Supreme Court Learning Center.Long-Term Programs

Gain a competitive edge and prepare for new responsibilities or a leadership role through VIPP's unique long-term visitor programs. These programs allow visiting professionals an extended stay in the United States to enjoy the benefits of face-to-face engagement with professionals and experts in their field.

Students examine exhibits set up at tables in a large hall.Global Executive Workshops

The Global Executive Workshop is a fully customized, intensive group training program for groups who want a shorter, more focused program. Ranging from three days to six weeks, these workshops offer a combination of lectures, professional meetings, on-site visits, and cultural excursions. The scope, length and location of programs depend on participants' goals and interests. VIPP will work with your organization to custom design a program that best meets your needs.

Four students sit in front of the Engineering building on MSU's campus.Student Programs

VIPP offers specialized programs for international college students, as well as young professionals from around the world. These programs give students the opportunity for a cultural exchange experience while honing their skills and knowledge in a variety of cutting-edge disciplines. Programs typically include classes, lectures with leading experts, seminars, collaborative work with peers, and a variety of cultural events and activities. These programs are designed to help students reach their future career goals in today’s multi-cultural, highly-connected world.

A group of professionals stands in front of a USDA sign.Federal Programs

VIPP proudly supports MSU colleges and departments in the administration of federal programs. We play various roles in these competitive programs, providing proposal design services, facilitation and planning, and logistical support.