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VIPP Endowments

VIPP has established a few program endowments. All VIPP endowments are intended to support the Visiting International Professional Program in advancing international exchange, education, and outreach. VIPP adheres to endowment agreements and follows the general procedure set by the International Studies and Programs (ISP) Dean’s Office. 

VIPP Endowment Goals and Purposes

Most of the VIPP endowments are country-specific and dedicated to supporting partnership and international exchange for that particular country or region. Each endowment will assist in many areas to promote awareness and understanding of the relevant country and its people, including but not limited to the following areas:tesol.png

  1. Programmatic enhancement and development support
  2. Professional, academic, cultural, and administrative travel study, education, lectures, instruction, and research support, and related activities for faculty, staff, students, community members, and visitors to and from VIPP, ISP, and/or MSU 
  3. Professional, educational, cultural, and outreach functions and activities  

For example, for the past few years, the VIPP China endowment has sponsored more than 4 Chinese visiting scholars each year to attend research conferences in the U.S. as part of their visiting scholar’s program at MSU. The Korean endowment contributes a substantial amount of funds to support the annual Korean Award event, which celebrates MSU students’ achievement in Korean Studies, and the contribution of scholars and professionals from both Korea and the U.S. to the mutual understanding of the two countries.

Who is Eligible

VIPP participants, alumni, and partners, MSU visiting scholars and students, MSU students, faculty and staff, and alumni

How to Apply

We welcome applications to the following endowment funds as a way to encourage collaboration between VIPP and its stakeholders. We hope to expand VIPP’s reach further by supporting your activities and engagement with the relevant country. The application will be reviewed on a rolling basis.  

The following country-specific endowments are available:

o Afghanistan    

o Bhutan    

o Buddhist Civilization and Society    

o Burma/Myanmar     

o Central Asia    

o China        

o Korea     

o Mongolia       

o Nepal      

o Sri Lanka     

o Thailand     

o Islamic Civilization and Society

Apply for an endowment


Call for Your Contribution

The Visiting International Professional Program at Michigan State University is a non-profit organization dedicated to professional education, leadership training, cultural enhancement, and global awareness.

As a self-financed unit, almost all of VIPP's funding comes from program fees and endowments. We do not receive MSU or government funding. Any gifts and endowments, big or small, will help VIPP to host more quality programs, organize more relevant activities, and even offer scholarships to professionals who may otherwise not have the funds to take part in the program. Every bit of support given to VIPP goes directly to helping international professionals realize their goals and become future leaders in their professions and communities.

To fulfill its mission, VIPP:

  • engages with high caliber speakers to deliver stimulating lectures
  • arranges various professional visits that expose our participants to the state-of-the-art practices in their field of study
  • supports participants in attending professional conferences in the US 
  • organizes networking events to create research and business opportunities

Please read our blog post about how university endowments work and how VIPP has supported our visiting scholars through our endowments. 


How to Give

You may give a one-time gift of any amount to VIPP or set up a monthly contribution. Both contributions are valuable to VIPP, and as a donor, you may tell us how you would like your donation to be used, for example:

  • a scholarship to support professionals from a certain geographic region or academic field to study or research at VIPP
  • an endowment to fund high profile speakers to lecture to VIPP participants
  • a travel grant for professionals to attend academic or professional conferences or conduct field work

Please become a donor to VIPP today. You may call us at +1-517-884-2170 or email Dr. Xinyu Wu at xinyuwu(at) to discuss your giving preferences.

You can also make a gift to MSU directly.