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Health Insurance

Federal law requires all J-1 and F-1 visa holders to carry health insurance. When your MSU student ID is activated upon your arrival, you will be automatically enrolled in Blue Care Network (BCN) of Michigan ( and the insurance premium cost will be charged to your Student Account. With this coverage, you’ll have access to quality health care through hospitals, physicians and affiliated health care professionals in the Blue Care Network of Michigan provider network. Providers can be located on the BCN website at BCN health insurance premium charges for a year or a semester can be found at MSU Human Resources Page. For VIPP participants, international tuition-billed students charges will apply. 

Unless staying for a whole year, purchasing daily MSU Blue Care Network insurance is the most convenient option for VIPP participants. Costs vary depending on how many people are covered and the length of your stay. You can download a BCN health insurance daily enrollment form here. The following figures are from MSU BCN insurance's day-by-day rate. 

Monthly (31 days) MSU Blue Care Network Health Insurance Cost (based on $6 daily rate per person, valid 8/16/2020 - 8/15/2021)

1. Participant only: about $ 186
2. Participant + Spouse/Domestic Partner: about $ 372
3. Participant + Spouse/Domestic Partner + One Child: about $ 558
4.Scholar + Spouse/Domestic Partner + Two or More Children: about $744

For more information on health insurance such as a member guide book and summary of benefits, visit MSU Human Resources Page or consult with your program coordinator. 

Please note that before you arrive in US you must make a decision on your health insurance choice, sign this form and send it to us: 

This video below teaches international students how to prepare for their arrival in the US, how the US healthcare system works and how students should seek medical care appropriately if they become sick or injured:

Health Insurance Waiver

If you decided not to choose MSU student health insurance and purchase an alternative health insurance policy, you should apply for an insurance waiver in order to remove health insurance charges on your student account. In order to get waiver, 

1. You must prove that your alternative policy meets the MSU minimum health insurance waiver criteria. 

  • International Student Waiver Criteria

    • Covers a minimum of $500,000 per condition without time limitation.
    • Has a policy year deductible of $500 or less per individual.
    • Covers inpatient and outpatient medical services (including labs and x-rays).
    • Covers inpatient and outpatient mental health services.
    • Covers prescriptions up to a minimum of $500,000.
    • Has a maximum out of pocket limit of $2000 per individual and $4000 per family.
    • Provides coverage worldwide.
    • Has $50,000 or more provision for medical evacuation to your home country.
    • Has $25,000 or more provision for repatriation (removal of remains after death) to your home country.
    • Has coverage for HIV infection, including AIDS, AIDS-related complex, and a positive HIV test.
    • Provides coverage for the waiver period requested.

2. Please log in your STUINFO account with your NetID and password. Click on "Insurance Waiver" under the "Other" tab on the upper right corner. Complete the insurance waiver questions and send the following two documents to MSU Human Resources:

  1. A copy of your insurance policy (written in English) with the schedule of benefits
  2. Enrollment proof (show your full name, enrollment start date and end date)

Where to send the documents?

It generally takes 2 weeks to review your application. You will receive the result by email. If your tuition bill is due before the application is processed, pay your bill first and get a refund later (if approved). Paying first avoids the accumulation of late fees.


Please contact MSU’s Human Resources Solutions Center:

  • Website:
  • Email: SolutionsCenter(at)
  • Phone number:  517-353-4434
  • Address: 1407 S Harrison Rd, East Lansing MI 48823
  • HR Offices are open Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
    Closed weekends and University Holidays.