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Living Costs and Financial Responsibilities 

All VIPP programs are fee-based. We cannot provide any financial aid to applicants at this stage. When you apply for admission to a VIPP program we will process J-1 non-degree student visa for you. In order to receive J-1 visa, you must prove you have enough funding to cover your study and living expenses for yourself and/or any accompanying family members (restricted to your spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21) as legal dependents.

To be eligible for a J-1 non-degree student visa, at least 51% of total cost of your study (including VIPP program fee, living expenses, family expenses and health insurance premium) should be supported by your sponsor - your company, government, or other external agency. A sponsor's official letter of support must be submitted along with other application materials for us to process DS 2019 for yourself and any accompanying family members. 

How to calculate the total cost: For 1 year-long program - Add program fees (fees vary depending on program type) + living expenses ($22,464) + Family expenses (spouse: $5,000: each child add $3,000) + Health insurance ($1,688). For 6 month-long program - Add program fees (fees vary depending on program type) + living expenses ($11,232) + Family expenses (spouse: $2,500: each child add $1,500) + Health insurance ($844). 

Living Costs  

Living costs vary depending on family size, the housing you choose, your transportation decision (whether you decide to buy a car or use public transportation), and your general lifestyle during your stay. However, a minimum of $22,464 per year is required for a participant alone as a living cost, excluding the health insurance premium. Add an additional $5,000 per spouse and $3,000 for each accompanying child for your total living cost. This means that approximate monthly living cost will begin from minimum $1,872 if you are here alone. If you are here with a spouse and one child, the minimum monthly financial requirement will be $2,538. Even if you plan to save, this is the minimum requirement needed to apply for a visa. Every family has a different lifestyle. So plan accordingly.  

The following figures are an approximate estimation in each category for your reference and should not be an absolute guideline to determine your living cost. Travel and leisure cost are not considered here.


The cost of a one-bedroom apartment in the area ranges from $700 - $900 monthly depending on location, quality, and apartment amenities. Two-bedroom apartments range from $800 - $1,300 monthly depending on location, quality (including number of bathrooms), and apartment amenities.


If you plan to purchase a car, you'll need to set aside the price of the car as well as registration fees. You should anticipate paying monthly auto insurance premiums, which would range from $50-$150 depending on the coverage you select, the type of car, your driving experience, and other factors.

Other living costs

Expect that you will have to pay for utilities and other services: electricity, gas, water, cable, garbage and phone. Some apartments cover utilities or cable. Groceries are relatively cheap in our community.