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International Higher Education Leaders Visit MSU

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Published: Friday, 10 Apr 2020 Author: VIPP

As an implementing partner of the U.S. Department of State International Visitor Leadership Program, VIPP recently received two international delegations on campus.

Kazakhstan IVLP Delegates
Senior International Officers from Kazakhstani institutions discuss partnerships at the College of Education on February 27, 2020

From Kazakhstan, a delegation of eight Senior International Officers from a variety of institutions visited East Lansing to discuss internationalization across the university. After meeting with a variety of deans, faculty, and academic units, the Kazakhstani leaders were highly impressed with MSU’s international engagement strategies and said that “the day at MSU has been the most productive and well-organized day of our trip so far!” The day resulted in established connections with Kazakhstan to be strengthened and new initiatives for cooperation to be forged. VIPP would like to thank the leadership of International Studies & Programs, the Colleges of Law and Education for their efforts, and especially Dr. Douglas Hartmann for inviting the guests into his home.

From Pakistan, a delegation of ten Higher Education leaders traveled to various locations in the U.S. to exchange ideas on capacity building. The program at MSU featured a seminar on MSU’s global engagement by Dr. DeAndra Beck, as well as a networking lunch with MSU faculty with Pakistani origins. See our Facebook post to read about a wonderfully serendipitous reunion during this program! VIPP is proud to have played a role in facilitating both programs and showcasing MSU’s expertise to international leaders.

Pakistan IVLP.jpg
Higher Education leaders from Pakistan visited MSU on February 28, 2020